Hijack A Car In GTA Liberty City

Hijack A Car In GTA Liberty City

The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series is overall quite nice to play. In the GTA series, you will need to do some illegal jobs such as murder, hitman jobs, and other crimes. One of these illegal actions or crimes that you can or need to commit in the GTA series is vehicle or car hijacking and stealing. You can hijack or steal a car on GTA Liberty City. Follow the simple steps below

Find a vehicle that you like or want to hijack or steal. The vehicle might be parked in a parking lot or carpark or it could be driven around on the road or streets.

Move to the vehicle. If the vehicle is being driven, make it stop by standing in front of it, parking another vehicle in front of it or follow it until it stops at a traffic light.

Start hijacking. If the vehicle is a car or any other 4 wheel or more vehicles, stand next to either the driver's door or the passenger door next to the driver's. If the vehicle is a motorbike, you may stand in front or next to the motorbike. Then, press the triangle button. Your player will start to hijack the vehicle by opening the door pulling the the driver or passenger out forcefully. Once you are in the vehicle, you will be able to drive the car.


  • If you are stealing a car with a driver in it, be fast. Be swift. You don't want to take so long to hijack a car that until it drives off. Don't worry; carjacking is easier than it sounds. In fact, it's just the matter of going near the vehicle and pressing the triangle button. Simple as that.
  • Police cars with cops driving them and certain parked cars are locked. There is no way of getting into a locked car. You cannot rip the door off with a chainsaw or some other weapon and you can't break the window and jump through. Give up on locked cars. Walk away. Come back later. Another might have re-spawned and it might be unlocked.
  • DO NOT steal a vehicle when the police are around! Stealing or hijacking a car when the police are around will give you 1 star. If the cop that saw you hijack a vehicle is on foot, he will come running after you and the vehicle you are in. He will try to get hold of your door, open it, and pull you out. You will then end up on the ground with the cop pointing his pistol at you and you will be arrested or busted. If the cop manages to grab hold of your door, accelerate. At high speeds, once he opens the door, he will roll off. Make sure you don't run over him in the process or you will get 2 stars. For cops in police cars, they might chase you a bit (it's very easy to lose them.) or they might get out and chase you on foot.
  • DO NOT hijack police cars. They are locked. But even though, trying to hijack them will give you 1 or 2 stars. If you need a police car go get one at a police station. There are brand new police cars parked there and most cars have unlocked doors. Just make sure there are no cops around first. If you go to the Staunton Island police station, you will be able to steal a SWAT police enforcer!(This police truck only chases you when you have 4 stars.)

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