Looking Ahead: Six Predictions for Cloud Technology in 2017

Cloud Technology
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In the IT world, things change pretty quickly – and a great example includes cloud-based technology. In fact, cloud services that emerged a few years ago are now rapidly expanding and creating major changes in the way that companies do business. Let’s look at some potential changes for cloud technology in 2017 and beyond.

More Companies Will Move to the Cloud

As business demands continue to evolve, more companies than ever will move to a cloud-based model, according to IBM. This includes organizations that up until now resisted adopting the cloud due in part to possible concerns with regulatory issues. Now that these issues seem to have been resolved, expect a mass exodus to the cloud.

Cloud Providers Will Expand their Services

To keep up with the predicted growth in cloud-based businesses, cloud providers will have to stay on top of their game. More than ever, 2017 will see an expansion of services and options that will serve existing cloud users and entice new owners to take the cloud plunge.

For example, Mozy is staying on top of the services companies need and expect. In fact, one of the company’s newer offerings – MozyPro – lets clients schedule backups to run as they see fit. As a bonus, Mozy offers affordable services, which should entice company owners moving looking to save time and money with a move to the cloud.

We’ll See a Virtual Explosion of Apps

If it seems like there are already a huge number of apps, CRN predicts that we’ve seen nothing yet – thanks to the cloud. New development platforms and cloud services have created the perfect storm for an enormous proliferation of apps. These apps will be created with cloud-based “bones” that allows the inventor to update the apps faster and more effectively than ever before. In general, companies that focus on creating apps – as opposed to traditional computer infrastructure – should have a banner year.

On-site Infrastructure Will Disappear

Speaking of infrastructure, as more companies get on board with the cloud, they will say farewell to their on-site infrastructure systems in larger numbers. Most are ready to stop owning and having to maintain costly data centers and are happily seeing how the cloud can simplify their day-to-day business needs.

Cyber-Security Will Help Grow the Cloud Industry

As more companies focus on preventing cyber-security issues from taking place, they will be more likely to adopt data-centric and standardized approaches to technology to keep their information secure. Since these topics are all inherent to cloud computing services, the cloud industry will only get stronger.

Traditional IT Vendors Must Adapt

As company needs expand and change – and more owners look to the cloud for its incredible agility – the traditional business IT department may no longer be needed. IT organizations that were once beyond busy may struggle with how they can still work with their clients. Adoption of cloud technology may be key to their survival. For those IT organizations willing to expand their horizons and embrace the cloud, they may end up learning new skills that can lead to new opportunities.

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