iPhone And iPad Users Report iOS 8.1 Problems

iPhone And iPad Users Report iOS 8.1 Problems
iPhone And iPad Users Report iOS 8.1 Problems

After the announcement of new update iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad users; lot of installation problems plagues Apple. Once again, many problems on the new update iOS 8.1 from Apple.

What iPhone and iPad users found more problematic are the bug issues that the iOS 8.1 update failed to address. There have been reports that the update did not fix the extreme slowness of their iPad Mini, and their iPhone 5s continues to suffer from incredibly fast battery drainage.

In the Apple support community threads the users have been complaining on the freezing iPhones and iPads. Several iPhone 5s users report; rebooting of their smartphones following the update iOS8.1.

Although the update should have included fixes to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues, as well as a bug that caused screens to be stuck in landscape mode, some users are still venting out their frustrations over the same problems that iOS 8 brought. Other issues reported were AirDrop problems, Safari stability, Mail issues, among others.

With the latest update just a few days old, rumors of another update to be released next year are already making the rounds. A possible iOS 8.3 is expected to be released in conjunction with the official launch of the Apple Watch in early 2015.

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