Increase Frames Per Second In Counter Strike

Increase Frames Per Second In Counter Strike

Three simple commands are there in Counter Strike to improve your fps, follow the simple steps below

Enable the command list or console, You can do this at the start screen or in game, Select "OPTIONS" on the start-up menu.(if youre in game press the Esc key which will open a list.) Then click on the "Keyboard" tab in the options menu, after that click "Advanced" and then click "enable console.

Press the ~ key to open the console this can also be done in game or on the start-up screen.

Type cl_cmdrate 25000 into the console and hit the enter key.

Type cl_updaterate 100

Type rate_25000

To display Ping/Latency, FPS, Loss and Choke type either net_graph 3 or cl_showfps 1.


  • Make sure you have a good computer that can handle such games or this command won't be able to help much.
  • Also make sure you have a decent internet connection for this could have a severe impact on your fps and ping.
  • If all else fails go to a fan-site and look for console commands that configure the graphics to a lower quality, make sure its legit and cal certified.
  • Never download any software that claims to help fps or anything else such as hacks, or scripts for they can cause serious harm to your computer.
  • When looking for console configurations make sure the site is legitimate check the site members and the comments from them if they are positive go for it, some configurations can ruin the game completely.
  • Console configurations should not be downloadable, they should be in text so you can simply copy then paste into console.

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