Kill A Zombie In Counter Strike

Kill A Zombie In Counter Strike

If you feel the zombie mode in Counter Strike Source is hard to kill a zombie or avoid them, follow the simple steps below

Go with other teammates to the hiding place that everyone uses when the round starts. The more players in an area, the more firepower and higher chance of survival.

Find a nice hiding spot with many other teammates. May be an elevated area where this is only one entrance will help?

Make sure that you aim at someone near you. If they turn into a zombie, at least you got the heads up on him. If that happens, you’ll be able to push him into other players, or shoot him out or off of your barricade.

Repeatedly shoot attacking zombies in the head.

Use teamwork to survive!

If starting out as a human, if you see the green shopping cart press the letter b. Then click Smg, pick a gun from that selection.

Once a gun is bought find a room with chairs/coke machine, make a barricade, by shooting fire towards the stuff to move the stuff.

When a zombie is coming simply shoot it or the chair/coke machine to squash the zombie or kill.


  • Get to know each map you play on, as this will help you know where the best places to hide are.
  • A place where you have to crouch in order to get in is a great place!
  • Stay alert.
  • Get lots of people to help you.
  • Team up with a friend; reload while he shoots, and vice-versa.
  • Camp at a choke point so you only need to cover one area.
  • Zombies can’t use any weapons except for a knife; being far away and on higher ground is helpful.
  • Finding a hiding place with no exit is a good idea because it means other zombies can’t sneak up behind you.
  • Use high damage, medium-range weapons. The pump shotgun and ‘deagle’ is a good combination.
  • Items dotted around rooms can be used as barricades. More is better!
  • If on a elevated area where the zombies have to jump up to get you – stay away from the edge! It is very common for someone to be turned from a close edge then infest other mates round.
  • Also, the shotgun maybe good but with more than 2 zombies on you its easy to get if your on your own in a room with 1 way in – advised to use M249, AK-47, Galil, M4A1, AUG, SG550, G3-SG/1 and MP5.
  • When shooting might have to shoot a couple times
  • To walk press wasd.
  • To type/chat press y.
  • If you have a mic press k to talk
  • If became a zombie press n to make color not green
  • If in respawn server if you are a dead zombie type!respawn {after pressing y}
  • To became a zombie again.
  • You can take on large groups of zombies at a time as long as you have running space, means to keep walking backwards and away, do not get cornered
  • Have all view angles covered. Don’t go to a spot where you must look in more than one direction. If you are stuck in an open area, use teamwork to have lookouts in all directions.
  • Don’t camp at a spot that is open or easily accessible.
  • Maintain team-oriented game-play. Don’t destroy other players’ barricades, as it’s a good way to make enemies.
  • Time is important, so don’t mess around.
  • Don’t get too close to a zombie!
  • Curb your confidence; assign at least two people to one zombie.
  • Zombies run really fast. If you must run, equip a knife.
  • Mobs of zombies can and will gang up on you.

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