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How To Use WiFi Direct On Samsung Galaxy S3
How To Use WiFi Direct On Samsung Galaxy S3

Learn how to use WiFi direct on Samsung Galaxy S3. You can use Wi-Fi Direct feature on Samsung Galaxy S3 to connect two devices through Wi-Fi without requiring an AP. Follow the simple steps below.

How to connect your device to another device

  • In the application list, select Settings, More settings, and then Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Drag the Wi-Fi Direct switch to the right.
  • Select Scan.
  • Select a device. When the owner of the other device accepts the connection, the devices are connected. You can connect your device to multiple devices and send data by selecting Multi-connect.

How to send data via Wi-Fi

  • Select a file or item from an appropriate application.
  • Select an option for sending data via Wi-Fi. The method for selecting an option may vary by data type.
  • Search for and select another device.

How to receive data via Wi-Fi

  • When you receive data, it is saved to your device automatically. Received data is saved to the Share via Wi-Fi folder.

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