How To Use Voice Memo App - Samsung Gear 2

How To Use Voice Memo App - Samsung Gear 2
How To Use Voice Memo App - Samsung Gear 2

Learn how to use Voice Memo App on your Samsung Gear 2. Use this application to record voice memos. The voice memos recorded on the Gear 2 are automatically transferred to the connected mobile device.

  • From the Home screen, tap Voice Memo.

Recording voice memos

  • Tap Start icon to start recording.
  • Speak into the microphone at the bottom right of the Gear 2.
  • Tap Pause icon to pause recording.
  • Tap Stop icon to finish recording.
  • Tap Cancel icon to cancel the recording.

Playing voice memos

  • Tap Options icon, and select a voice memo to play.
  • If spoken content is recorded and then converted to a data file, displays next to the filename.

The Gear 2 displays the content as text on the screen during playback.

  • Volume icon: Adjusts the volume levels. Tap + icon or - icon to adjust the volume.
  • Pause icon: Pauses playback.
  • Previous icon / Next icon: Skips to the previous or next voice memo.

You can also connect to a Bluetooth headset to listen to the voice memo.

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