How To Use Smart Screen On Samsung Galaxy S4

How To Use Smart Screen On Samsung Galaxy S4
How To Use Smart Screen On Samsung Galaxy S4

Learn how to use the Smart screen on your Samsung Galaxy S4. The Smart screen options allow you to customize your screen settings to make the screen more responsive and easier to use.

  • From the Home screen, tap Apps > Settings > My device tab > Smart screen.

Tap any of the following options to create a checkmark and activate the features:

  • Smart stay: disables the screen timeout if your phone detects that your face is watching the screen.
  • Smart rotation: disables the auto screen rotation by checking the orientation of your face and the device.
  • Smart pause: pauses videos when your device detects that your head has moved away from the screen.

Tap the ON/OFF icon to the right of the Smart scroll field to activate the feature. With Smart scroll, the screen will scroll depending on the phones tilt angle once your eyes have been detected.

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