How To Use Signature Options - Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

How To Use Signature Options - Samsung Galaxy Note Pro
How To Use Signature Options - Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

Learn how to use Signature Options on your Samsung Galaxy Note Pro. The options are available when Signature Unlock is selected:

  • Lock screen card: Display up-to-date information on your lock screen such as weather and news.
  • Clock widget options: Set the size of the Clock widget that is displayed on your Home screens, and whether to show the date.
  • Personal message: Display a personal message.
  • Owner Information: Show owner information on the lock screen.
  • Touch Owner information and then touch Show owner info on lock screen to enable or disable the option.
  • Touch the text field and enter the owner information to display.
  • Make signature visible: Display your signature.
  • Accuracy level: Set the accuracy level required for your signature to be recognized.
  • Lock automatically: Set how quickly to lock the screen after the screen automatically turns off.
  • Lock instantly with power key: Use this option to enable the Lock screen when the Power Key is pressed. If this option is not enabled, the screen dims or brightens when the Power Key is pressed.
  • Action Memo on lock screen: Set the device to launch action memo when you double-tap the locked screen with the S Pen button pressed.

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