How To Use Music App – LG G2

How To Use Music App - LG G2
How To Use Music App - LG G2

Learn how to use music apps on your LG G2. You can store multimedia files to a internal memory to have easy access to all your image and video files.


  • Your phone has a music player that lets you play all your favorite tracks. To access the music player from the Home screen, tap the Apps Key and tap Music icon.

How to save music/video files to the phone

Connect your phone to the PC using the USB cable.

  • You’ll receive a notification that the USB is connected and the USB connection type prompt is displayed. Tap Media sync (MTP) or Send images (PTP) and open the folder you wish to view from your computer.

Save music or video files from the PC to the phone.

  • You may copy or move files from the PC to the phone’s removable storage using a card reader.
  • If there is a video file with a subtitle file (.smi file with the same name as the video file), place them in the same folder to display the subtitle automatically when playing the video file.
  • When downloading music or video files, copyright must be secured. Please note that a corrupted file or file with a wrong extension may cause damage to the phone.

Playing a song

  • From the Home screen, tap the Apps Key and tap Music icon.
  • Tap the Songs tab.
  • Tap the song you want to play.
  • Tap Pause icon to pause the song.
  • Tap Forward icon to skip to the next song.
  • Tap Rewind icon to go back to the beginning of the song. Tap Rewind icon twice to go back to the previous song.
  • To change the volume while listening to music, press the Volume Keys on the back side of the phone.
  • Touch and hold a song to access the following options: Play, Add to playlist, Share, Set music as, Delete, Details, and Search.

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