How To Use Google Maps On Sony Xperia Tablet Z

How To Use Google Maps On Sony Xperia Tablet Z
How To Use Google Maps On Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Learn how to use Google Maps on your Sony Xperia Tablet Z. Track your current location, view real-time traffic situations and receive detailed directions to your destination. Before taking trips, you can download and save maps to your memory card to avoid high roaming costs.

The Google Maps application requires the use of an Internet connection. You may incur data connection charges when you connect to the Internet from your device. Contact your network operator for more information. The Google Maps application may not be available in every market, country, or region.

To use Google Maps

  • From your Home screen, tap Apps icon.
  • Find and tap Maps.

Note: If you want to use Google Maps, you have to enable one of the location methods available under Settings > Location services.

To learn more about Google Maps

  • When you use Google Maps, tap Menu icon, then tap Help.

Viewing your friends locations with Google Latitude

Join Google Latitude to view your friends locations on maps and share your location and other information with them.

Using Google Maps to get directions

Use the Google Maps application to get directions when you travel by foot, public transportation, or car. You can add a shortcut to a destination on your Home screen to get quick directions from wherever you are.

When you view a map, you make an Internet connection, and data is transferred to your device. So it's a good idea to download and save maps to your device before you take a trip. This way, you can avoid high roaming costs.

Note: Sony does not warrant the accuracy of any directional services.

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