How To Use Camera Settings - LG G Pro 2

How To Use Camera Settings - LG G Pro 2
How To Use Camera Settings - LG G Pro 2

Learn how to use camera settings on your LG G Pro 2. In the viewfinder, tap Settings icon to open the advanced options. You can change the camera settings by scrolling through the list. After selecting the option, tap the Back key.

  • Menu icon: Touch if you want to change the viewfinder menu.
  • Voice Control icon: To take a photo, say one of the following words: Cheese, Smile, Whisky, Kimchi or LG.
  • Flash icon: Allows you to turn on the flash when taking a photo in dark conditions.
  • Day Night Mode icon: Defines and controls the amount of sunlight entering the photo.
  • Focus Mode icon: Tap to select the focus mode.
  • Resolution icon: Selects photo resolution. If you choose high resolution, file size will increase, which means you will be able to store fewer photos in the memory.
  • Shot Mode icon: Finds the appropriate color and light settings for the current environment.
  • ISO icon: The ISO rating determines the sensitivity of the camera's light sensor. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive the camera. This is useful in darker conditions when you cannot use the flash.
  • WB icon: Improves color quality in various lighting conditions.
  • Color icon: Applies artistic effects to your pictures.
  • Delay icon: Sets a delay after the capture button is pressed. This is ideal if you want to be in the photo.
  • Location icon: Activate this to use your phone's location-based services. Take pictures wherever you are and tag them with the location. If you upload tagged pictures to a blog that supports Geotagging, you can see the pictures displayed on a map.

Note: This function is only available when the GPS function is active.

  • Volume icon: Selects a shutter sound.
  • Save icon: Select storage to save photos.


  • When you exit the camera, some settings return to their defaults, such as white balance, color effect, timer and scene mode. Check these before you take your next photo.
  • The setting menu is superimposed over the viewfinder, so when you change photo color or quality elements, you will see a preview of the changed image behind the Settings menu.

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