How To Use Camera – HTC One Max

How To Use Camera - HTC One Max
How To Use Camera - HTC One Max

Learn how to use camera on your HTC One Max.

Camera basics

Take great photos and videos with this app, and make them more memorable by applying a variety of effects and scenes.

Open the this app to capture that perfect moment. While waiting to take your next photo, switch HTC One max to Sleep mode. When you’re ready to take more photos and videos, just press POWER again to use the camera.

Use the controls on the Viewfinder screen to add effects, set the flash, and more.


  • Before taking a photo or video, slide two fingers apart to zoom in or together to zoom out.

  • When you see the zoom bar, slide your finger on the zoom bar to zoom in or out.

  • When you’re recording video, you can freely zoom in or out while recording.

Switching between the front and main camera

On the Viewfinder screen, do any of the following:

  • Pull from the top or bottom edge in landscape view.

  • Pull from the left or right edge in portrait view.

  • Tap Menu and then tap the Front/Main switch.

Note: Some camera features are not available when youre using the front camera, such as zooming.

Choosing an effect

Use the available camera effects to make your photos look like theyve been taken through special lenses or filters. You can also apply certain effects to videos.

  • Tap Effect icon.

  • Scroll through the available effects and tap one that you like.

Note: Effects marked with Camera icon can only be applied to photos.

Choosing a flash mode

Tap the flash icon to choose a flash mode.

When using Flash on or Auto flash mode, the camera intelligently sets the best flash brightness for your photo.

Taking a photo

  • Open this app.

  • Just point the camera at what you want to capture. The camera adjusts the focus automatically as you move it.

  • When you’re ready to take the photo, tap Camera icon.

Note: You can also tap anywhere on the screen to take a photo if you turned on Touch to capture in Menu > Shutter option.

Taking continuous camera shots

Do you want to take photos of moving subjects? Whether its your kid’s football game or a car race, you can capture the action.

Note: Make sure that you’re in Normal scene to use this feature.

  • On the Viewfinder screen, just press and hold camera icon. The camera takes up to 20 consecutive shots of your subject.

  • After taking the shots, do any of the following:

  • To keep just one photo, select the photo that you like the most, and then tap Best shot.

  • To save the photos as a batch, press <.

Note: To get creative with your photos, open and edit them in the Gallery app. Additional editing features are available for a batch of continuous shots, such as Sequence Shot, Always Smile, and Object Removal.

Camera scenes

A scene is a collection of settings to suit the lighting and environment. Use Normal and let the camera automatically determine optimal settings, or choose from a wide selection of scenes before you start taking photos.

Improving portrait shots

If you’d like your family or friends to look their best in your photos, make sure to use the portrait scene. It smoothens the skin in your shots.

  • On the Viewfinder screen, tap Menu icon.

  • Under Photo capture mode, tap next to Scene, and then tap Portrait.

  • When you’re ready to take the photo, tap Camera icon.

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