How To Update App – Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

How To Update App - Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
How To Update App - Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Learn how to update app on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. This section contains a description of each application that is available on the Apps screen, its function, and how to navigate through that particular application. If the application is described in another section of this user manual, then a cross reference to that description is provided.

Managing Applications

  • The Apps screen displays all applications installed on your tablet, including apps you download and install.
  • From Apps, you can change the way apps appear on the screen, uninstall apps you have downloaded, and share apps with friends. When you install new apps, new screens are added to hold them.

Note: To open applications quickly, add the icons of frequently used applications to one of the Home screens, if it is not there by default. For details, see “App Shortcuts.”

Updating Applications

Once you have registered your device and signed into your Google account (see Gmail.), you may see the Updates Available notification in the Notification Bar if there is a new version of one or more apps available or, when you open an application that is preloaded on your device, an Update Available message may be displayed.

To update the applications:

  • Touch the top of the screen and swipe downward. The Notification Panel displays.
  • Touch Updates available.

Uninstalling Apps

You can uninstall apps you download and install. Pre-loaded apps cannot be uninstalled.

  • From a Home screen, touch Apps.
  • Touch Menu icon > Uninstall/disable apps.
  • Apps that can be uninstalled show icon on their icon. Touch icon, and then follow the prompts to uninstall the app. Pre-loaded apps cannot be uninstalled.


This guide will work on all Samsung Galaxy Tabs; including Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1.

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