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How To Organize Home Screen On Nexus 7
How To Organize Home Screen On Nexus 7

You can organize your Home screen on your Google Nexus 7. Follow the simple how to steps below.

How to add a widget to a Home screen on Nexus 7

  • Go to the Home screen where you want to place the widget.
  • Touch the All Apps icon.
  • Swipe right to the Widgets tab and keep swiping, if necessary, to find the widget.
  • Touch and hold the widget until the Home screen appears, slide it into place, and lift your finger.

How to move an app or widget icon to a different location on a Home screen in Nexus 7

  • Touch & hold the icon.
  • Slide your finger to the new position.
  • To move between Home screens, slide toward the edge of the screen. To bump another icon out of the way, slide slowly into it.
  • Lift your finger. The icon drops into its new position.
  • To combine two icons in a folder, slide one quickly over the other.
  • To open a folder, touch it.
  • To rename a folder, touch its name.

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