How To Optimize Battery Life On Nexus 7

How To Optimize Battery Life On Nexus 7
How To Optimize Battery Life On Nexus 7

You can extend your batterys life between charges by turning off features that you dont need. You can also monitor how apps and system resources consume battery power. To control Battery settings, go to Settings, Device, and then Battery. Follow the simple how tos below to optimize your battery life.

How to extend the life of your battery on Nexus 7

  • If you arent using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or GPS, use the Settings app to turn them off. The GPS setting is located in Settings, Personal, and then Location services.
  • Dont leave the Maps or Navigation apps open on the screen when youre not using them. They use GPS (and thus more power) only when theyre running.
  • Turn down screen brightness and set a shorter Sleep timeout: Settings, Device, and then Display.
  • If you dont need it, turn off automatic syncing for all apps: Settings, Accounts, and then Google account name. This means you need to sync manually to collect messages, email, and other recent information, and wont receive notifications when updates occur.
  • If you know you wont be near a mobile or Wi-Fi network for a while, switch to Airplane mode: press and hold the Power button, or go to Settings, Wireless & Networks, More, and then Airplane mode.

How to check battery level and usage details on Nexus 7

  • Open Settings, Device, and then Battery.
  • The list at the bottom of the screen shows the breakdown of battery usage for individual apps and services. Touch a graph for more details. The details screen for some apps includes buttons that allow you to adjust settings affecting power usage, or stop the app completely.
  • Warning: If you stop some apps or services, your device may not work correctly.
  • Battery status (charging, discharging) and level (as a percentage of fully charged) are displayed at the top of the screen. The discharge graph shows battery level over time since you last charged the device, and how long youve been running on battery power.

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