How To Make Calls - Samsung Gear 2 Neo

How To Make Calls - Samsung Gear 2 Neo
How To Make Calls - Samsung Gear 2 Neo

Learn how to Make Calls on your Samsung Gear 2 Neo. You can make a call, answering a call and reject a call.

  • On the Home screen, tap Dialer, enter a number using the keypad, and then tap to make a call.
  • From the Home screen, tap Contacts > a contact > a phone number, or tap Logs > a contact > Call icon.

During a call

You can select from the following actions:

  • Volume icon: Adjusts the volume by tapping + or - icon.
  • Disconnects your Gear 2 Neo and continues the call on the mobile device.
  • Turns off the microphone so that the other party cannot hear you.
  • Opens the keypad.

Answering a call

  • Drag Call icon to the right to answer a call. If the call waiting service is active, you can make another call.
  • Press End or place the first call on hold to answer a second call.

Rejecting a call

Reject an incoming call and send a rejection message to the caller.

  • Drag Reject icon to the left to reject an incoming call.
  • Select a message from the list of rejection messages to send a message when rejecting an incoming call.

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