How To Insert Memory Card On Sony Xperia Z

How To Insert Memory Card On Sony Xperia Z
How To Insert Memory Card On Sony Xperia Z

Learn how to insert and remove a memory card or SD card on your Sony Xperia Z. Do not insert a micro SIM card into the memory card slot.

  • To remove the memory card slot cover, insert a fingernail into the gap between the bottom edge of the cover and the phone, then pull out the cover.
  • Insert the memory card into the memory card slot with the gold-colored contacts facing down.
  • Using a fingernail, push the memory card further into the slot until you hear a locking sound.
  • Push the memory card slot cover back into position so that it is fully latched.
  • The memory card may not be included at purchase in all markets.

How To Remove Memory Card On Sony Xperia Z

  • Turn off the phone, or unmount the memory card from Settings > Storage > Unmount SD card.
  • Remove the cover of the memory card slot, then press against the edge of the memory card and release it.
  • Draw the card outward to remove it fully.

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