How To Get Best Armor In Mass Effect 3

How To Get Best Armor In Mass Effect 3

You can get best armor in Mass Effect 3. As for the armor is concerned; every set is useful in its own way. The game is balanced to allow for different play styles, where no choice in the armor will negatively affect you. Put on your Shepard-face and scroll down to browse these suits of readily available armor where to find them, how much they cost, and what benefits youll get from slapping them on. Read on the complete guide for more details.

Note: The best suits of armor are also the most expensive. Each of these unique armor suits costs 50,000 credits. To find them, check every terminal in the Citadel Presidium Commons. Open your map and interact with each storefront, marking on your map by blue neon square with falling coins in the center.

There is no objectively BEST armor in ME3 (Or is there?), all sets of armor are balanced to provide certain benefits! Pick the armor that suits your play-style best!

Cerberus Armor:

Benefits: Ammo Capacity +10%, Weapon Damage +20%, Shields +10%, Health +10%.

Location: Presidium Commons, Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies, in the Bank area.

Terminus Armor:

Benefits: Melee Damage +15%, Ammo Capacity +15%, Shields +30%.

Location: Docks: Holding Area, Batarian State Arms, in Cargo Hold C.

Inferno Armor:

Benefits: Power recharge speed 30%, Power Damage +30%.

Location: Presidium Commons, Kassa Fabrication, in Meridian Place Market the Human store.

Blood Dragon Armor:

Benefits: Power Recharge Speed +10%, Power Damage + 30%, Shields +20%.

Location: Presidium Commons, Kanala Exports, found in the Bank area.

Collector Armor:

Benefits: Shield Regen Speed +20%, Shields +20%, Health +20%.

Location: Presidium Commons, Nos Astra Sporting Goods, found in Meridian Place Market, the storefront with the Asari and Human woman.

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