Mass Effect 3 Endings guide

Mass Effect 3 Endings guide

In Mass Effect 3, we do know there are lot of different endings, hundreds of variables, and one decision that change the fate of the galaxy forever. For your benefit, we are keeping spoilers to absolute minimum but you will find major Mass Effect 2 spoilers beyond with some very implied Mass Effect 3 spoilers to go with. If youre ready for a second playthrough of just want to see where your Galactic Readiness score does, read this guide and see how to uncover each of Mass Effect 3s many endings.

  • The endings are split depending on your choice at the end of ME2, whether Shepard decides to destroy or preserve the Collector Base.
  • If you dont import a save file, ME3 will default to Shepard destroying the Collector Base.
  • There are 16 total endings, with many different permutations depending on your choices. 8 endings are associated with destroying the Collector Base, while 8 endings are associated with preserving the Collector Base.
  • All 16 endings are also dependent on your Effective Military Strength, the score provided by multiplying your War Asset score to your Galactic Readiness Rating. The higher your Effective Military Strength, the better your ending will be.
  • At the end of the game youll have three options to consider, but these three options wont always result in a good or bad ending. Many of the endings do not change despite your choice at the end.
  • None of the endings are dependent on your morality.
  • There are two distinct endings for each of the 8 Galactic Readiness Levels one for destroying the Collector Base, one for preserving the Collector Base.

Galactic Readiness Level Endings By Score:

  • 0-1749
  • 1750-2049
  • 2050-2349
  • 2350-2649
  • 2650-2799
  • 2800-3999
  • 4000-4999
  • 5000+

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