How To Get Best Weapons In Mass Effect 3

How To Get Best Weapons In Mass Effect 3

You can get the best weapons in Mass Effect 3 to play effectively. Mass Effect 3 did not skimp out on the guns. All new, and even old, tools of ultimate destruction are at your Spectre-style finger-tips just ready to pump a few Cerberus goons or Reaper monsters full of holes.

While all guns are cool, some guns are cooler than others. Skip the boring time-wasters and jump straight into the big leagues because these are the best guns in Mass Effect 3.

Note: All guns are dependent on class / species. These weapons might not best fit your play-style, but online players have come together and agreed that the Geth Plasma Shotgun is indeed the Holy Grail of ME3 weaponry.

Geth Plasma Shotgun:

  • THE BEST WEAPON. Seriously. Ignore that Rocket Launcher, just use this sucker. Effective at even long-range once fully charged.
  • To get this gun online, youll need to purchase the Veteran Pack and cross your fingers.
  • Offline, you can pick this one up during the Priority: Rannoch mission, or purchase in one of the Citadel stores afterwards.
  • To effectively use this destructive platform, hold down the fire button to charge its shots, then let loose to kill anything in your way.

M-6 Carnifex:

  • A tiny sniper rifle. Perfect for popping heads at close or long-range.
  • Online, this is another weapon picked up from the Veteran Pack, dropped randomly.
  • Offline this magnum pistol can be found during the Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists side-quest.

Black Widow:

  • Used by a Quarian Adept or Vanguard, this weapon is absolutely devastating.
  • You can only get this one from the Spectre Pack, so save your credits and pray.
  • Pick this baby up offline at the Spectre Requisitions terminal in the Spectre Office, at the Citadel Embassies. Youre going to need 200,000+ credits to get your grubby mitts on this massive gun.

Scorpion Pistol

  • This handheld monstrosity fires explosive sticky-explosives that adhere to enemies and surfaces before popping for a good amount of damage. It isnt like other pistols, its very slow to fire, and the round wont explode for a few moments after landing.
  • But, this weapon is perfect against small clusters of enemies. Its the only pistol that can significantly damage Brutes or Atlas Mechs, and its a great way to lay traps or hit enemies behind cover. It can also damage pesky Cerberus soldiers using shields just fire an explosive shot to their left or right, behind their shield, to inflict damage.
  • In the game proper, youll pick up this pistol during your mission on the Salarian Homeworld SurKesh. You wont miss it!

M-37 Falcon

  • This unique Assault Rifle fires bouncing grenades instead of bullets. While unwieldy and slightly difficult to hit enemies with, its very accurate and very powerful. You can drop grenades behind cover, or use it as a direct-fire weapon as the grenades explode in contact with enemies.
  • The low magazine-size is one drawback, but so is the aiming. To land a hit, you must hit the enemy dead-on or the shot will harmlessly fly off. For a Sniper Rifle or Pistol, that isnt a hard pill to swallow. But for an Assault Rifle, youll have to learn to be patient and carefully aim your shots.
  • Youll acquire this gun only at the very end of the game during the mission to Cerberus HQ.

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