How To Enter Text – LG G Pro 2

How To Enter Text - LG G Pro 2
How To Enter Text - LG G Pro 2

Learn how to enter text on your LG G Pro 2. You can enter text using the on-screen keyboard. The on-screen keyboard appears automatically on the screen when you need to enter text. To manually display the keyboard, simply touch a text field where you want to enter text.

Using the keypad & entering text

  • Caps icon: Tap once to capitalize the next letter you type. Double-tap for all caps.
  • Numbers And Symbols icon: Tap to switch to the numbers and symbols keyboard.
  • Voice typing icon: Tap to switch to Voice typing mode.
  • Backspace icon: Tap to enter a space.
  • Back icon: Tap to create a new line.
  • Delete icon: Tap to delete the previous character.

Entering accented letters

  • When you select French or Spanish as the text entry language, you can enter special French or Spanish characters (e.g. “”).
  • For example, to input “”, touch and hold the “a” key until the zoom-in key grows bigger and displays characters from different languages.
  • Then select the special character you want.

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