How to Convert Videos to Audio Files?

Abstract Art - Audio
Abstract Art - Audio

Have you ever watched a video and really enjoyed the music that was playing? While you could try to find out what the song was called and then try to download it from online music platforms, which you could just as easily extract the audio instead.

In fact you can do the same if you want to save the voice-over from a video, or any other audio content as well.

To be perfectly honest there are several ways that you can convert videos to audio files, and the exact option that you use is up to you.

Media File Converter Software

The first option that you could use is media file converter software that will let you directly convert your video file to an audio file instead. Most video converters have this functionality, and all you need to do is make sure they support the audio format that you want to use.

Actually converting videos to audio files should be as easy as adding the video that you want to convert and selecting the audio file format that you want to convert it to.

To use this option you need to have the video file available, which is why you cannot use it to convert online streaming videos (unless you download them first). On top of that, the converter will extract the entire audio track from the video, so if you are only interested in a specific part of it you will need to trim it before or after it is extracted.

Video to Audio Downloaders

If you want to convert online streaming videos to audio files, what you really need is a video downloader that lets you save the audio track. Nowadays there are quite a few options, such as YouTube to MP3 downloaders that are available.

As you may notice some video downloaders are web-based, while others are software-based instead.

Finding a video downloader for less popular platforms may not be as easy however, which is why this option is limited. Additionally, you may need to trim the audio file afterward to extract just the part that you require.

Web-Based Video Converters

As an alternative to media converter software, you could use web-based video converters to convert any video file to an audio format. The process is relatively similar, but you will not need to install any software in order to use it, and instead will have to upload the video, which may be a bit time-consuming for large videos.

The main drawback of this option is that many web-based converters limit the file size of the video that can be uploaded and converted. However there are some that do not, and you may want to try Online Video Converter because of that. It will make it easy for you to convert MP4, MKV or FLV to MP3 online in just a few simple steps.

Which To Use?

Now that you know the three main types of options that you can use to convert videos to audio files you are probably wondering which one you should use.

To be perfectly honest the ‘best’ option will depend on the video that you want to convert. If it is an online streaming video then you will need to either download it or use a video downloader that converts it at the same time. On the other hand, if you already have the video file you can use any converter that you choose.

In many cases, it will boil down to a question of which option you prefer, which is why you should try out a few and see what fits.

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