How To Be An Ultimate Sniper In Mass Effect 3

How To Be An Ultimate Sniper In Mass Effect 3

You can be an ultimate sniper in Mass Effect 3 to make easy work for any battle. Follow the simple steps below.

If you are an Infiltrator; this character setup makes easy work of any battle. When it becomes available in Citadel, buy the semi automatic M-13 Raptor.

Its damage is low; it allows you to fire repeatedly without any need to reload.

To balance out the rubbish damage, use Hahne-Kedar armour pieces, each of which has +10% weapon damage.

The sentry interface helmet also offers +5% weapon damage and +10% headshot.

The final upgrade in the Operational Mastery tree for Infiltrator enables you to pick increase sniper rifle and headshot damage by 15%.

For mods, use the sniper barrel length – the version III one for example has +20% damage – and the Concentration module slows time when you aim.

You have a slo-mo, decent damage, scoped rifle that kills most things quickly, and is easy to line up crazy high damage headshots with.

Miss with the first shot and you’ll probably ace the second. Bonus benefit: it’s so flexible that we haven’t found the need to take another gun into battle meaning powers recharge crazy quick.

If anything gets to close both cloak and fall back, or use Incinerate at close range.

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