How To Balance Your Weapon Loadout In Mass Effect 3

How To Balance Your Weapon Loadout In Mass Effect 3

There is a new feature in Mass Effect 3; any class can use any weapon type. So, you had to balance your weapon loadout in Mass Effect3 to be efficient. Follow the simple steps below.

Dont carry every slot filled to the battle, as more weapons you carry, the slower your tech abilities and biotic powers will recharge.

Ammo is so abundant, that you can comfortably take one weapon into a mission with you.

By following these; you will get a dramatic increase in your recharge speeds; sometimes over 100%, depends on the other upgrades you do.

Adepts should only ever take a single weapon into combat.

Their base powers are strong enough to deal with most enemies, and the boost in recharge speed will give them a serious edge.

Only shields will cause them problems, which is where an upgraded lightweight SMG will come in handy.

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