Have Better Aim With Deagle In Counter Strike

Have Better Aim With Deagle In Counter Strike

Tired of never being able to pull off a head shot, or even just having to get lucky and get a random one? This little trick takes time and practice, but with a little effort, you should be able to do it almost effortlessly. Follow the simple steps below

At the start of the round, buy a main weapon, a few grenades, and anything else you might need, but make your pistol a Desert Eagle (Shown as a Night Hawk in the buy menu).

Locate an enemy.

Pull out your Desert Eagle, crouch down (this will increase your accuracy, without affecting recoil), and put the cross hairs slightly above their head. (Just a little bit, not too far off).

Fire off one shot (you should miss on this shot).

Soon after the first shot, the gun's natural recoil will bring the cross hair right down between their eyes. This is when you fire off a second shot, and get the head shot.


  • Pace your shots. If you fire off too soon, you will shoot above their head again and ruin the trick, but if you shoot too late, then they will either have killed you or moved.
  • Practice makes perfect. Don't be afraid to be humiliated a few times trying to kill enemies with just a pistol, but try not to piss off everyone in the server.
  • If you aren't that good with a pistol, then this is the way to up your skill with them a bit.
  • It may help to type in "cl_dynamiccrosshair=0" (without the quotes) into the console (activated by pressing ~). This will cause all pistols' cross hairs to remain a constant size while running, jumping, and staying still (but not while shooting). Try it out, and if you don't like it type in "cl_dynamiccrosshair=1" (without the quotes) in the console to change it back. Changes can be made permanent by changing its value in the config.cfg file in the cstrike folder (normally found in My Computer/ C:/Program Files/ Steam/ Steamapps/ your account name/ Counter-Strike/ cstrike)
  • Some people tend to not be good sports, and if you are good enough at this, some idiot who has been playing for a few hours might accuse you of hacking, which isn't the case. This could end up getting you banned from a few servers.
  • This can only be done with the Desert Eagle (Night Hawk pistol in the buy-menu) and no other gun. However, any version of Counter-Strike will work with this trick.
  • This trick is no substitute for a main weapon, such as an M4A1 or an AK47, so remember to buy those, as well as a few grenades.
  • This trick doesn't work well if the enemy is strafing, running around a lot, or jumping around like a neurotic tree frog.

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