Grief On Minecraft

Grief On Minecraft

Griefing On Minecraft can be fun. You can get revenge on enemies, destroy others hard work, and make people mad. Follow the simple steps below

Find a server hosting website. Popular ones include minecraft server list and planet minecraft.

Find a Server. Preferably a no-whitelist server, this way you can just go right in and start playing instead of having to wait to get to play.

(Optional)Get a custom griefing client.

This can be used to fly, speedmine, climb walls, xray, etc. It is very useful on servers.

Destroy Buildings. Blow them up, steal stuff, and tear down must of item whatever suits you.

Steal stuff, TNT buildings, or just mine them. Make sure not to get caught, use sneak (shift) so people can’t see your name. (Hold it down)


  • If you are banned, use an alternate account.
  • If you are kicked, lay low for a while.
  • If you are griefing in a team, don’t all log in at once?
  • Make sure not to set off warnings such as placing TNT, Lava, bedrock, etc.

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