Get Glowstone And Other Cool Blocks In Minecraft

Get Glowstone And Other Cool Blocks In Minecraft

You can get the glowstone and other cool blocks in Minecraft, follow the simple steps below

Understand that to get all glowstone, nether rack, and soul sand in minecraft, you need to go to the Nether, and to do so you need to make a portal.

Find 10 obsidian, flint, and steel to make this portal.

Make a diamond pickaxe to mine obsidian. To get the Diamond for your pickaxe, make a lot of stone pickaxes, and 1 iron pickaxe.

Tunnel down until you hit the bedrock/adminium, go a few steps up, and mine vertically. (You may have to use an X-ray texture pack if you want to finish it quickly) When you find the diamond ore, mine it with your iron pickaxe.

Tunnel up, go home, and then craft a diamond pickaxe. (Two sticks in the bottom middle then fill the top row with diamond)

Find obsidian; they are located near lava pools.

Mine the obsidian with your diamond pickaxe. You need 10 obsidian.

Find the iron and flint. You most likely got on your search for diamond or obsidian. If you don’t have any, break gravel, 1/10 of the time it drops flint. As for iron, it’s all around and easy to find, mine it with a stone pickaxe.

Find the craft, flint, and steel. (Put the flint in the bottom right corner and place the iron in the middle.)

Make a frame outside with the obsidian. Put two obsidian on the ground side by side, dirt on the two sides, dirt blocks on both sides, then tower up four blocks, put two more dirt on top of the obsidian tower.

Connect your two dirt blocks with obsidian then destroy the dirt.

Fire the inside of your frame with the flint and steel. There should now be a portal.

Enter the portal with a stone pickaxe.

Mine! (The red blocks with stone pickaxe, brown blocks with hands, glowstone with stone pickaxe.)

Show some of your cool blocks to others!

Lava Method

To get all glowstone, netherrack, and soul sand in Minecraft, you need to go to the Nether.

To make a portal to the nether, you need 10 obsidian, flint, and steel.

To mine the obsidian you need for your portal, you need a diamond pickaxe.

First create a diamond pickaxe.

Find and mine three iron and make a bucket.

Find a lava pool and mix water and lava to make obsidian.


Use an X-ray texture pack to find the diamonds.

When you go to the Nether, you might spawn in lava.

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