Have A Fancy Rich Life In Minecraft

Have A Fancy Rich Life In Minecraft

You can have a fancy rich life in Minecraft, follow the simple steps below

Make a new world. You don't need one, but it's easier to just make a new one. Don't just look around at those blocky sunsets of Minecraft, as soon as you spawn, run to get wood, and lots of wood. Then, find a good spot to build your house. A good strategy is to find a hill. There you can find anything you want, anytime you want. And don't worry, your house will be horrible at first, but you'll be able to improve it soon. And you'll need the wood to make your house, and your workbench, don't forget that.

Don't be afraid of underground places. After you build your nice warm house, you can start making your own tools,(look up on Google or Yahoo! how to craft tools) because you need them to get ore. The first tool you are going to get is wood. Because you have the wood, make a pickaxe at first, then, if you want, you can make other tools, but it's the main tool. Remember to make stairs in your house, it would be good to make them on the side of your house,(in it though, or course) and they will be going down to your new mine, dig a lot down there, you will get stone, with it, you can make new tools. And don`t forget to continue digging for more ores! The first one you`ll get is coal or iron; you'll get others in very deep parts of the Minecraft world. Oh, and beware of the dungeons, if you see a cave underground, it may contain a dungeon, room where horrible monsters spawn, go in if you wish, since there is bound to be treasure and great drops, but it`s dangerous...

Getting the spirit! Found the diamond yet? If you have, put it in the second floor of your house, if you don't have one, make it, it's hard for monsters to get there. As you can see, all ores can be found in the deep parts, there's lava there too, it burns you as fast as a roller coaster, and finding lava gives you a possibility of finding diamonds near that area, not always though. Redstone is also a great ore, it brings machines into the game, you can use it a wire.

Go back to the surface. When you think you already have enough ores for everything you want, go back to the surface and expand your house, make a big one, actually, make two houses, tall ones, and make them "stylish", it's a good way to avoid losing all of your stuff. And when youre in the surface, you can get food from pigs, wool from sheep, etc.

Look at the end of the day. You have finally gained the power make your own fancy house.


  • Make a big house, that way; you can avoid being a homeless guy.
  • Never try to ride a creeper, even if he looks cute (they don't).

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