Get Money On GTA Games Without Cheats

Get Money On GTA Games Without Cheats

Those of us who had played Grand Theft Auto games usually resorts to cheats because it helps make the game are easier or sometimes funnier. But if you are one of those people that wants to try play games without using cheats. Follow the simple steps below

Do missions. For those who played GTA games already knows that most missions will give you a certain amount of money.

Don't get busted or die. Dying or getting busted will make you lose a bit of money. Granted, you won't lose a huge amount but it seriously will add up if you keep getting killed or busted.

Consider killing pedestrians. Part of the minor points of the game is to run over them for no absolute reason. Sometimes they can actually give out some small or even large amounts of money.

Look for weapons, armor and health. Weapons in the shop are always too expensive or really unreasonable, so consider looking around the entire island for the weapons. Also you can find free health around the islands by collecting the icons with the heart or by hopping into an ambulance.

Search for those hidden packages. Those things would give you some money each time you collect them. Also the game will hand out free weapons when certain amounts have been collected.


  • Consider exploring around the city to have a better understanding of where everything is.
  • Part of the fun is to be chased and is wanted by the law enforcement, but don't piss off the cops until you have enough weapons to defend yourself. Look for the stars to help you get rid of it.
  • Consider fighting the small groups of people who is a part of a gang. They sometimes will give you weapons that you haven't yet gotten yet.
  • Don't pick on the large sizes of groups that you can't handle. Sometimes it's better to just run away from them because if they kill you, you'll lose a small amount of money and everything you had in hand besides, like weapons and armor (You'll lose armor when you start losing health anyways).
  • Keep an eye on your wanted level as you will be wanted by the cops if you kill enough of the pedestrians. Also keep an eye out on your health.
  • In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto III, you'll bump into a compound where you can recycle cars and get some money for them. The compound won't get you a lot of money but it can give you small amounts though.
  • In GTA Vice City, you can rob stores for an easy $1000.
  • It's just a game so don't try any of the stuffs in real life as you most likely would get your butt thrown into jail.
  • You will lose money if you get killed / wasted or get busted by the law enforcements.

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