Find BF Injection In GTA Liberty City Stories

Find BF Injection In GTA Liberty City Stories

The BF Injection is a dune buggy in GTA. It is good for climbing. You can find the BF injection easily in GTA Liberty City. Follow the simple steps below

Go to the junkyard in Portland, and then follow the cement to the right. TIP: use a sanchez to get to buggy

Look for a hill. Go over the hill until you get to the beach. Make an easy right, and then get out of your car. Run over the mounds of dirt, but hug the wall as close as you can until you get to a beach again on the other side. You should see the lighthouse, and may recognize the area below Salvatore’s mansion.

Keep on running on the beach. But be sure that you keep looking to your right because soon as you start getting close to the harbor a little area of sand will open up. The buggy should be there.


  • You must go this way! There are other ways to get to this place, but the BF Injection won’t appear if you go that other way!
  • To get out of the sand, just floor it when you’re in the buggy. It should climb the hill in front of you.

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