Get Six Stars In GTA Liberty City Stories

Get Six Stars In GTA Liberty City Stories

OK Everybody wants 6 stars in the game and deal with the army but it is almost impossible. Especially since once you get 5 stars, the FBI wipe you out. Firstly, remember this method requires you to be in the third island. You can get six stars in GTA Liberty City, follow the simple steps below

Get sniper rifle. In order to get this go to the south east side of the second island. there you should see a giant glass star. Run up the edge and get the sniper.

Get any auto rifle. I suggest the one also on island two, it is on the dock and "the dock" means the north most one on the east side of island two. So, when looking for the dock looks at the east side of island two then go to the north most one.

Lastly you need the rocket launcher. This one is on the third island. It is under the bridge that takes you to the third island.

Save and do over until you get about 50 sniper shots, at least 500 auto shots and at least 20 rocket shots.

Once youre done with the prep you have fun.

  • In your house in island two there should be a garage nearby, remember that

Shoot a cop and get 2 stars

Get a motorcycle, (PCJ-600)

Do drive bys until you get three stars, or four, just don't get five

Now drive up that garage

Use a sniper auto combo and take out as many cops, SWAT, and eventually FBI as you can

When a helicopter comes, go and hide behind a car on the roof and use your rockets to take it out

Now whenever you take half damage or run out of cars, take a car from the second floor from the top and then drive home, get health then run back up

Soon you will have 6 stars


  • Sounds complex but really isn't. The concept is that AI program doesn't see you driving up the garage as a viable way to get to you.
  • Why? They drive to you in a linear form so they don't understand the concept of driving in circles until they find you. And the only way to get in is to smash down the red and white barrier and since you are on foot they get out and try to shoot you. Which is a double whammy for them, the cement barrier on the roof protects you and they can't cross the red and white barrier on foot
  • Shooting peds is not a reliable way of getting stars don't waste ammo on them an officer is worth more than a ped (at least 10 fold).
  • The higher the rank officer you kill the faster you get six stars.
  • If you get on a motorcycle and shoot the tanks enough, one of the tank drivers will be stupid and run out of a tank. Shoot him and now you have a tank to use to your dispense.
  • Driving into tanks causes your car to EXPLODE ON CONTACT making it a BAD IDEA
  • You can try to jack a tank but it will probably get you killed

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