Game-Changing Technology in Home Security

Home Security Technologies
Home Security Technologies

Home security technology is in a constant state of reinvention and evolution, and many technologies available today have radically changed the way homeowners think about security. Here’s a look at some of the game-changing technologies on the market today that are changing the way we protect our homes and loved ones.

Smart Locks

Smartphone technology has changed every aspect of our day-to day-lives, and home security is no exception.

Take, for instance, the Kevo Kwikset lock. Using bluetooth technology, the Kevo allows you to use its corresponding app to open and close your lock with the touch of a button, as well as monitor its status directly from your smartphone. With the Kevo, you can give neighbors or friends access to your home while you are away without giving them a set of keys. Plus, you’ll be able to monitor any time your lock is opened with a physical key.

For those who don’t own a smartphone, the Kevo comes with a bluetooth fob that can be used exactly like the app. With just a press of a button on your keychain, your home is secure.

Smart Security

Smart cameras allow home owners to stream HD video live from anywhere with Internet access. Devices such as the Lorex HD security surveillance camera offer 1080p HD video that is much clearer than most CCTV systems, allowing you to pick out details such as faces or license plates that are blurry or illegible on lower-resolution systems.

In addition, smart camera systems can be customized to send you email or text notifications based on conditions you set, such as movement within the house that exceeds a preset threshold.

Best of all, many smart camera systems upload recordings to the cloud so you can review them at any time or easily provide access to the authorities if the unfortunate need arises.

With smartphones becoming an everyday part of many people’s lives, affordable smart home security for everyone seems to be right around the corner, and developers and designers are racing to build better and smarter home security measures.


Modern home owners now have access to the type of security devices that were once the purview of science fiction. For instance, the Tychi Systems Bioknob is a biometric system that is almost indistinguishable from a normal doorknob, but uses your fingerprint to detect whether it should remain locked or not.

Capable of remembering up to one hundred different fingerprint combinations, the Bioknob logs users who use the doorknob for review later. The Bioknob also has a built-in keypad that allows its open conditions to be customized, and it uses thermal imaging to verify all fingerprint entries.

Any normal lever or knob in your home can be replaced with a Bioknob so that you can control access to certain rooms within your home with biometric technology.

In the future, we may see a time in which homes are equipped with biometric locks on every door to control access and slow down anyone who might attempt to move through our homes uninvited.

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