Find And Mine Diamonds Fast On Minecraft

Find And Mine Diamonds Fast On Minecraft

Diamonds are the best raw ore in Minecraft. Diamond tools take longest time to wear out and are the second fastest tools behind the gold, but gold is fastest to wear out. You can find and mine the diamonds fast in the Minecraft, follow the simple steps below

You will need 100+ torches, about 3 or 4 iron pickaxes for the valuable ores (You can use cobblestone for the less valuable), at least one iron shovel, some weapons, and plenty of food and a stack of any block of your choosing for blocking off caves/lava/anything else (I usually use cobblestone)

Mine down to around layers 10-16

At layer 12, Dig a two high tunnel straight forward.

Every 3 blocks or so, Dig a straight 1 high tunnel of blocks.

Continue this pattern until your picks all break or you run out of food.

If you did not find any diamonds, you will have at least found enough iron to keep on making more picks to keep on mining.


  • Diamond digging requires patience!
  • If you encounter a cave, don’t venture very high, as you will not find diamonds there. Merely block it off for later.
  • To get your position, press f3.
  • Beware of lava, it will incinerate you. Use a water bucket to cool it off, or block it off.

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