Facebook Introduces Flashback Feature “On This Day”. Lets You See What You Did In The Past

Facebook Introduces Flashback Feature "On This Day"
Facebook Introduces Flashback Feature "On This Day"

Facebook introduces a new feature called “On This Day”, that will let you see what you posted in the past. If you shared a photo of yourself and some friends two years ago today, Facebook will bring it back up so you can feel a bit of nostalgia for that moment. Youll also see status updates, posts from friends, and posts that youve been tagged in.

Remember, this feature will also show remind you things that you want to forget or hope you never shared in the first place. If that is the case you can delete or edit those post giving you the ability to retroactively touch up your life.

The roll out of this feature starts today and will make its way into your Facebook feed by the end of the week. It will be available online, an icon on the bookmark bar, using the search bar, or via stories in your news feed. Mobile users on iOS and Android will have the ability to opt in to notifications from On This Day. Desktop users can also subscribe to daily notifications that will show them something they shared on Facebook years ago.

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