Craft A Bed In Minecraft

Craft A Bed In Minecraft

A bed lets you to skip through night and into day, you cant stay awake doing nothing expect looking out for mobs. So, craft a bed in Minecraft, follow the simple steps below

Collect Wood. Find wood on tree's. At least get 2 wood.

Collect White Wool. You can find string from Spiders and then craft the string into wool but for a faster way, find WHITE Sheep and kill them for Wool. You need 3 wool.

Head back to a Workbench and craft Wooden Planks. Get your Wood out and simply put the Wood in any slot.

Put the 3 Wool in the middle of the 3 by 3 grid. There are 3 rows. Place the 3 Wool in all of the middle slots.

After that, put the 3 Wooden Planks on all of the bottom slots. You will have 5 extra Wooden Planks.

Then the result of it will form a bed, click on the bed and put the bed in your inventory or your hot bar.


Make the bed during the day.

Make sure no Mobs are near the area of the bed, it won't allow you to sleep.

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