Complete The Mission Undress To Kill On GTA 4

Complete The Mission Undress To Kill On GTA 4

Can't wait to get your hands on Playboy X (or Dwanye)? You can complete the mission Undress To Kill on GTA 4. Follow the simple steps below

Start the mission by talking to Dwayne. He is the "D" on your minimap (if you don't know how to get to his house, set it as your waypoint and drive their).

(Before going to the Club) Arsenal and Vehicle: [WEAPONS] You are going to want a: pistol, shotgun (depending on your playstyle), grenades, an SMG, and a sniper rifle.[VEHICLE] Any semi-heavy vehicle will work fine

(Arriving at the Club.)Find the back door of the club. You should park your car up against it for a reason

(Entering the Club.)Be sure to enter the club with your bare hands, as security will start to beat you if you have a weapon. You will have to find the locations of the mangers before continuing on. The first position is given away by 2 guys talking by the entrance to the club.

The second position given away is the manager talking to the stripper by the main stage on the left. The last manger is in the private room in the back (by the back door which you should have parked your car by!)

[MANAGER 1]Very quickly, take out the pistol and shoot the manager in the office (guy closest to the door). Try to kill the security officer who immediately attacks you. Once he is dead, the whole club erupts into chaos.

[MANAGER 2] The manager getting a strip dance in the back now freaks out because of the gun shots, and will try to escape through the back door. But, to his surprise, he can't open it because of the car parked against it! He will run towards the front door( where you should somewhat be by)and you can shoot him with whatever you want (pistol to save ammo for more missions, shotgun for the easy kill, and SMG cause why not?).

[MANAGER 3]This is the only manager left, and he is the one by the stage. He will stay right in his spot the WHOLE time and will never move (He isn't in cover: D) pull out the sniper rifle, and as you put one in his face, yell RAMBOO!

MISSION COMPLETED! (And you get 6,250 dollars!)


  • This unlocks "The Holland Play.
  • You may want a sports car such as a Turismo or a Super GT in case one of the managers escapes.
  • You may not complete this the first time.

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