Do The Swing Glitch On GTA 4

Do The Swing Glitch On GTA 4

The swing-glitch makes your car rocket through the air. You can do swing glitch on GTA 4. Follow the simple steps below

First off, find a car that can withstand a great deal of damage because you're going to fall one way or another.

  • A great example would be the Taxi.

Second, find any apartment that has a small park usually South Bohan and North Holland have the best ones to do this but you could also try the ones at Firefly Projects in Broker if youre new to this game.

Drive your car and park it near the legs of the swing and keep accelerating backwards, the direction your facing is the way you will be catapulted from also make sure youre close to the leg as you can or it wont work.

  • If you did this correctly, the car will have conflicts with the swing, e.g shimmying, moving and the game will tell the swing to forcefully push the car out the way as it is attached to the ground

Enjoy, if you did this correctly then you will be flying through the air in the car, hopefully not plunging into a building.


  • Bring some friends, the more the merrier.
  • Try this with a Motorbike or scooter, it could be a lot more fun. Though, it could kill you more easily.
  • Make sure you're close enough to the leg or it won't work as you're not having any conflict with swing.
  • Jump out the car for fun, if you don't mind dying.
  • Use this to access hard to reach places if a helicopter isn't your forte.
  • Make sure that if you're not in multiplayer mode, you attempt to back into the swingset legs, if you don't, you'll get ejected out of the windshield and usually die, or land in the water.
  • There is a difference between multiplayer and singleplayer. In singleplayer, if you crash hard, you'll get ejected out of the car. This does not happen in multiplayer.
  • Make sure to have a strong car or bike, if it gets too damaged use health cheat if you're willing to.
  • If you are in singleplayer, make sure you face away from the swing.

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