Choose A GTA Game

Choose A GTA Game

You should choose which version of GTA game is best for you. Read the article to make a choice of yours.

If you like GTA set in the late 80's, buy Vice City or Vice City Stories.

If you like GTA based in the early 90's, buy GTA: San Andreas. Or Liberty City Stories

If you like GTA as the American Dream, buy GTA III, Or GTA IV.

The newer the game, the better the features - the games go in this order:
GTA, GTA London 1961, GTA London 1969, GTA 2, GTA III, GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas, GTA: Liberty City Stories, GTA: Vice City Stories, GTA IV.

GTA-GTA2 (on list above) are all above-view cameras

GTA III-GTA IV(on list above) has a 3-D point of view, with III being the worst, to IV(4) being the best graphics-wise.

GTA Chinatown Wars is like a combination of GTA and GTA IV with 2.75D graphics and slight (again, slight) above view camera.


  • GTA is rated M for Mature. If you're under 17, your parents will need to purchase the game for you. Most game stores won't sell M/AO games to kids.
  • If you're not from America, it varies. For instance in the UK, it is a strictly over 18 (as rated by the BBFC) but in Germany, it is 16+ (however there will be some quite strong censorship, and it is a similar situation in Australia). Although in the Philippines, you can buy it at any age as long you are above 10 years old.
  • Look in stores where they sell used games like GameStop. It may be rare to find Grand Theft Auto San Andreas there, but the price is only 5 - 15 dollars (and even sometimes free)! That's a bargain!!!
  • Again, GTA is rated M. It is a fun game but is violent, uses profanity, and at times has sexual content.
  • The earlier GTA's have less strong violence and language. Even GTA3 is somewhat tame, as there is almost no language compared to the newer games.

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