Check Weather On iPhone Or iPod Touch

Check Weather On iPhone Or iPod Touch

You can check weather on your iPhone, iPod Touch or any other Apple devices. Follow the simple steps below to check the forecast for any city in the world.

  • Turn on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Unlock your device.
  • Type in your pin, if there is one set for your device.
  • Move to an area that has wifi access. Allow your device to connect to a suitable network.
  • Tap the “Weather” app to open it. It can be found on the first home page of your device. You may need to tap the “Home button” to return your device quickly to this screen.
  • Tap the italicized “i” that is located in an icon on the right hand side of the resulting page. This will set a more-localized home area or monitoring area for your city.
  • Tap the “+”-sign from the top left of your device.
  • Type your zipcode, or city AND state name (as you would on an envelope with an address).
    • If you type a zipcode into the box, allow the app to search for the city name.
  • Tap the city name that you’d like to use into the box.
  • Remove any other item from the weather screen by tapping the filled-in circle with the – sign. Tap the Delete button that displays.


Although the default app has most of the information some of the bought ones have, some of the other “bought” applications, are set-up better, to efficiently show the information in a respectable manner. A few of the free apps from the App Store include WeatherBug and The Weather Channel.(Many others exist, but these are just a small portion of the better apps that exist).

The initial/defaulted Weather app displays the current temperature and conditions, the highs and lows of the current day’s temperatures, along with the following highs and low temperatures of the following 7 days. Just be careful and take note of when the app was last updated that can be found at the bottom of the city’s viewing screen.

You may swipe the weather-app main screen back and forth to view other cities other than the one you added or are currently seeing.

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