Camera Tips - HTC One M8

Camera Tips - HTC One M8
Camera Tips - HTC One M8

Learn Camera Tips on your HTC One M8. To get better captures with the Camera app, here are some tips on what to do while taking your shots.

Improving focus and sharpness

  • HTC One has autofocus, which works best on a subject that is not moving too much. To change the focus, on the Viewfinder, tap the one you want to focus on.
  • If the subject is moving, on the Viewfinder, press and hold the subject to lock the focus.
  • You can manually adjust the sharpness of a photo by editing in Gallery. You can also set the sharpness before taking a photo in the Camera settings. Generally, it is better to sharpen a blurry image rather than to reduce the sharpness in an image.

Taking well-lit photos

  • HTC One automatically adjusts the focus and exposure. If the image appears underexposed or that it appears dark on the Viewfinder, tap a part of the image that is in shadow. Conversely, tap a well-lit object in the image if the image seems to be overexposed. Focus on an object with a neutral tone for a balanced exposure. Keep in mind that tapping on another object may shift the focus from your subject.
  • If you are using the default settings and the photo still appears too dark, switch to Night scene, but place HTC One on a level surface to keep it steady.
  • If there are parts of the image that are in shadows and others are in highlights, use HDR to capture multiple shots of different exposures and combine them into one shot. Keep HTC One steady or place it on a level surface when using HDR.
  • When taking a panoramic photo, consider the whole scene and focus on an object that has a neutral tone to help keep the exposure balanced in the composite image.
  • If your subject is lit from the back, use Backlight scene to highlight the foreground and keep some details of the background.

Other tips

  • In Camera settings, tap Grid to help frame the subject better or improve the composition.
  • If taking photos under fluorescent or incandescent bulbs and the subject appears to be off-color, tap AWB, and then choose a white balance setting. Check the image on the Viewfinder and select the option that displays the closest color to the natural color of the subject.
  • In Camera settings, you can tap Image adjustments and adjust the exposure, contrast, and others before taking the photo.
  • After capturing the photo, you can continue to edit the contrast, brightness, and other settings in Gallery.

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