Build A Door In Minecraft

Build A Door In Minecraft

If youre new to Minecraft, you can build a door to keep the mobs out your house by building the doors. The wooden door can be opened and closed by you, but mobs cant do the same. Follow the simple steps below

Create 12 wooden planks by placing 3 logs in your inventory crafting menu. (Note: If you already have a crafting bench, you will only need 8 planks.)

Use 4 of your planks to create a crafting bench. Put one plank in every slot of your inventory crafting menu.

Place the crafting bench on the ground and right click on it to open the crafting menu. Now, put one plank in each slot in both the middle and right columns.


  • Iron doors can be made the same way by using Iron Ingots. While Iron Doors cannot be broken by zombies, they cannot be opened with your hand. They require a Redstone current to open.
  • Wooden doors can be opened with a Redstone current. This means you can use buttons, levers, or pressure plates to open them.
  • Zombies can break wooden doors. If you hear a knocking sound, make sure you go and kill the Zombie.
  • If you use a pressure plate with a door, make sure the pressure plate is on the inside of your house, as mobs can trigger the pressure plate and open the door if it’s on the outside.

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