Break Minecraft Addiction

Break Minecraft Addiction

So, you are addicted to Minecraft, and you want to break it anyway, here are some ways to do that

Know if you truly are addicted. Do you constantly think of the game? Do you doodle the world of Mojang? Are you trying every day to finish all your work so you can hop on your computer? If so and you want to break this addiction follow these steps! Remember, there will be no turning back after you start this tutorial! Be ready.

This step is to hack! Keep in mind that Minecraft mods are completely legal, Notch is actually supporting mods! Get an inventory hack/mod. If you know how to add mods "TooManyItems" mod or a one of the many programs you can find. You can easily find them by typing in "Google", "Minecraft inventory editor pc/mac". Once installed play Minecraft with the new hacks, try everything out Sounds like a bad plan, just wait. Generally what will happen is it will get too easy, so you tend to stop playing

After playing like that for a little bit go to your .Minecraft folder and delete it (Caution: this will delete all your Minecraft) after deleting this you will probably not have the motivation to play anymore! So good luck, and enjoy your Minecraft-less days. (Though if you really want to play it you can just re-download)


  • You might get a virus when searching for an inv. editor. Be careful what you download.
  • You will lose all your Minecraft Progress

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