Become Moderator Or OP On Minecraft Server

Become Moderator Or OP On Minecraft Server

Many servers having the high ranking titles, such as Moderator, OP, that are given to the players to help maintain and optimize the playing experience. Moderators usually provide a type of 'law enforcement' to the server, kicking and banning when needed or just giving warnings. OPs often have spawning abilities and use of plugin commands, but they may also hold the same responsibilities as Moderators. You can become a moderator or an OP, follow the simple steps below

Find a Minecraft server that you really like. You're going to be devoting a lot of time to it when you are a moderator/OP, so make sure you will enjoy it.

Introduce yourself on the server. Don't go right in with asking for Moderator/OP rank. Gradually tell the players and owner (if there) who you are by showing off your sense of humor and being active in the chat.

Make a good example of yourself. Be the first to provide help to players in need and conform to the rules. Be nice, don't curse a lot, and help newcomers enjoy the server.

Ask the owner or existing moderators if the server could use some more. This will get you an answer of whether or not you should keep trying, and tell the owner/mods that you are interesting in becoming one.

If no moderators/OPs are needed, keep playing anyway. Continue to provide help and tips to newcomers, as well as being nice. Don't just rage-quit the server because you aren't a mod/OP right away.

Ask to become one. Wait until you have about three weeks' playtime under your belt before doing this. Make sure that the players and staff respect and know you. Just ask if any new spots have opened, and say that you would like to become one if there are. If there are no spots open, just tell the staff that they can always ask you when there are.


  • When you do become a moderator/OP, don't use your powers for evil. Provide help when needed, and always offer it even if no players seem to outright need any. Learn the plugins you will be using and when to ban/kick players.
  • Most importantly, enjoy being in the staff. Be active and become a role model for new players.
  • Don't rage-quit if you don't become one. By cursing everybody out or showing your anger in another questionable way (such as griefing), you could have ruined your chances of becoming one later on.

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