Beat Minecraft

Beat Minecraft

You can find yourself on spending days on playing Minecraft, there is actual point to the game. Warning: This step may take a very long time. Follow the simple steps below

Search for a stronghold, an underground fortress that has multiple rooms and is mostly composed of the three variants of stone brick (mossy, cracked, normal), but what you are searching for is a frame of blocks of blue and yellow with a hole in the middle.

Next, secure the location. Just set up camp next to the tunnel.

Find obsidian. 20 obsidian them at least.

Build a portal. Use flint and steel on one of the blocks.

Now that you see the purple swirly stuff, step in the frame and wait.

Once you’ve teleported, search around for some ruins constructed of red brick. These are much less rare than strongholds.

Next, once you are in, look for a room with a monster spawner.

Kill the monsters, known as Blazes, which only spawn in the room, and collect the items known as Blaze rods.

Next, craft them into blaze powder by just putting them in a single crafting grid.

Kill enderman and get some Ender pearls.

Craft Eyes Of Ender out of blaze powder and Ender pearls.

  • You will see that they fit in the holes in the portal frame in the stronghold.

Get twelve to fit in all the frame blocks.

Jump in the portal that looks like space. (Don’t worry about the lava pit.)

Look around for a dragon in the new dimension known as the End.

Destroy the weird things, known as Ender Crystals, on top on the obsidian towers; they heal the dragon.

Kill the dragon. You will have to wait until it swoops down to you, then hit its face with a sword. Or, you can shoot it with a bow and arrow. Shoot at the legs or the head, since the other parts will not harm it.

Go on the bedrock portal it makes when it dies. Don’t go in the portal.

Pull out your sword.

Hold right click and left click at the same time while aim at the egg.

Get the egg. Still do not go in the portal.

Go in the portal. You win!


  • It is possible to enchant armor so that you can become fire resistant. This will help you in your fight with the Blazes.
  • Wear a pumpkin when entering the End. The End is full of Endermen unless you play on Peaceful difficulty. Wearing a pumpkin may obstruct your player’s vision, but it will prevent Endermen from turning hostile. If the view is annoying, you can download and install a texture pack which has a different pumpkin texture.
  • Wear at least a diamond chestplate. When the dragon swoops down to you and hits you, you will not get damaged.
  • Try to shoot the Ender Crystals instead of climbing up the towers and hitting them. The crystals explode upon hitting, so caution is advised.
  • Make sure you walk around the End VERY warily. If you fall off the edge of the islands, you will fall into the Void and die. Yes, all your items will be gone.
  • Pray for luck. The End is a merciless place. You might spawn in one with a whole load of towers. You might spawn inside the islands and have to dig the End Stone to get out. You might spawn on an obsidian platform above nothingness and easily die. You might even spawn so high, you cannot get down or else you will die. Worst, you might spawn at the edges of the island. The most horrendous deaths occur when you fall off.
  • The Blazes shoot fireballs like turrets. They don’t explode.
  • You will probably die in the End. (The dimension, not the actual end of the game.)
  • If not wearing a pumpkin, be wary of the infinite Endermen that spawn.
  • DO NOT ANGER ENDERMEN WHEN AT THE EDGE OF THE END STONE ISLANDS!!! They will hit you and you will fall… fall… into the Void.

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