Beat Everyone On Counter Strike

Beat Everyone On Counter Strike

You can beat everyone on Counter Strike, follow the simple steps below

The best gun for the counter-terrorists isn't as good as the best gun for the terrorists.

If you play a counter terrorist, get the magnum sniper rifle.

If you play a terrorist, get the last rapid fire sniper rifle.

Buy a Kevlar vest and helmet when you can afford them.

Shoot for the head if your aim is good. If your aim is not good yet, shoot for the chest. Hits to the head are an instant kill, but the chest is a bigger target. It's better to hit the chest than miss the head.


  • There are a variety of strategies, each with good and bad points.
  • Go with what works, and don't listen to the other people on the server. Half the time they insult your strategy, it's because you're killing them a lot.
  • Obviously, don't put yourself in too much danger.
  • Don't cheat.

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