Be An Expert Minecraft Player

Be An Expert Minecraft Player

You can be an expert in Minecraft, this article tells you about survive, thrive, and live Minecraft up to its potential. Follow the simple steps below

Newbies Start Here

You have spawned. Look around at your biome. Is there sand with cacti? Tall, dark trees? Or maybe a nice plain with a fewgreen, lush trees? If there is sand with cacti or snow, it is suggested you start a new world, unless you want a challenge.

Start punching the first tree you see. This may sound strange, but it is one of the only things you can do at the moment. You will need wood for the rest of the game.

After you have gotten 5-10 pieces of wood, open up your inventory with 'E' (some people set it as 'I', but E is strongly recommended). You should now proceed to drag the logs into the 'Crafting' section of your inventory. On the output side, you should have wood planks. Collect them.

You can now make sticks. Put one wooden plank on the bottom, and one on the top. You should see four sticks in the output. Collect them.

You now need to make wooden tools. You should look in the sources for the Minecraft Wiki. Look up Wooden Pickaxe, Wooden Axe, Wooden Sword, and Wooden Shovel.

Look for a mountain, or if it is almost nighttime, look for a small hill. Take your shovel and dig through the dirt, then take your pickaxe to carve a small room out of the stone.

You can now use the stone you mined to make stone tools, which are much more efficient and more durable. Again, use the wiki to learn how to make them.

Expand your house a little bit and make a mine. Do NOT dig straight down! Use a stair-like fashion where you can climb up and down the ledges. Mine until you find coal! If you find coal within 4 minutes, skip to step 10. Also, if you find a cave, remember where it is, but avoid it, they are far too dangerous for you to explore at the moment.

Found coal? If so, skip to next step. You did not find any coal. It's okay, just go to the surface, and find some logs. Make a furnace and put it down. Put your logs in the top part of the furnace, and some wooden planks in the bottom. The outcome will be charcoal, a carbon copy of coal (no pun intended).

Take a stick and a piece of coal/charcoal and open your inventory. Put the stick in one of the bottom squares of the crafting table, and the coal/charcoal above it. The output should be 4 torches.

Go inside your cave house and place the 4 torches down on either the walls or the floor. If you need lighter, repeat step 4 until you have reached your desired amount.

By now it should be nighttime. It is essential that you make a door (look on the wiki) Make your doorway 1x2 so the door fits perfectly.

Wait out the night inside away from the door. In this time you should make a chest.

In the morning, get your sword. This is probably the most dangerous time that you have experienced in Minecraft so far, so be prepared. Don't bring anything except your sword and be alert for monsters.

Kill. Now is your time to be relaxed and have fun. Kill everything that moves except yourself, and get great rewards by doing so. But beware, if you see a green creature with four legs and no arms, STAY AWAY! Don't bother attacking it; creepers are far too dangerous.

Find wool and food. This will require you to kill sheep, cows, pigs, and chickens. Go home after you get 3 wool.

At home, make a bed with the wool you harvested. Put it somewhere in your house that looks good; it is recommended you expand your house! With a bed, you can save your spawn point, so if you die, you will respawn in your house. Continue to kill until the sun sets.

When the sun sets, grab your pick, shovel, and bolt again, for the monsters are coming out. Go into your mine and continue mining, since iron ore will be very valuable to you. Look for iron and coal for about 7 minutes, because that is when the sun will start to rise. Didn't find iron? Skip to step Kill more

Didn't find iron? If that is the case, then skip to step 21......Now that you have iron, go to your furnace. Put some coal on the bottom (wood will also work), and put your iron ore on the top. Your outcome will be iron ingots!

Didn't find iron? If that is the case, then skip to step 21.......With iron ingots, you can make tools! Remember, your tool priority goes Pickaxe, Axe, Sword, Shovel, and then Hoe (hoe is not needed at all for a while).

Kill more! At sunrise, kill all mobs again, since you will need all of the drops. See all of the crafting recipes you can make with these drops at the Minecraft.

Congratulations, you have finished the "Newbie" section of the guide

Average Players

Explore. Make a basic checklist of things you might want to find. Some suggestions are: Sand, Ink, Cactus, Lava Pool, Birch Tree, Spruce Tree, Normal Tree, and Mountain Biome. Mountain biomes are VERY useful for mining and finding/making unique structures.

If you found some useful stuff while exploring, put it to use! Put sand in the furnace to create glass, put cacti on sand outside of your house to make a monster barrier, put cacti in the furnace to make green dye, use ink sacs as black dye, and decorate with different kinds of wood! Really, there are infinite possibilities.

Add on to your home. You have iron tools, but still live in a cave. Now that you are more experienced, consider building an outside portion to your cave or even move and build and entirely new house! You can make windows if you have glass.

Explore that Cave (if you found one). Grab a stone or iron sword and a pickaxe and set off down into the cave. Be sure to bring LOTS of torches! You will probably find lots of coal and iron, and possibly even gold or red stone. You will not encounter diamond (only said so you don't get your hopes up).

Make armor and tools. If you explored the cave, you are sure to have found plenty of iron! Smelt it, and use the wiki to figure out how to make it in to armor. Of course, before you use good iron on armor, be sure to make backups for your tools.

Go to Bedrock. If you dig down to bedrock (please remember not to dig straight down), you will have the highest chance of finding diamond. You can make a strip mine there for a high chance to find diamond. A strip mine is usually 5x2x99999, and is the most effective way of getting diamonds. It is suggested you use a diamond pickaxe to mine it, but an iron one will also work.

You can now use your diamonds. Diamonds have many of the same uses as iron, but they don't need to be smelted, are far more powerful, much more durable, and have extra purposes. Diamonds are usually idolized by Minecraft players as a great achievement.

Make Obsidian. Find a lava pool towards the bottom of the world, but be sure not to fall in! Lava deals the second deadliest damage in Minecraft, only to be followed by the extremely rare charged creeper. If you made a bucket with iron, you can scoop up some water from the surface and bring it to the lava pool. Right click on a wall in the room (not the lava itself), and watch the magic happen. All of the lava will transform into obsidian! It is suggested you use a diamond pickaxe to mine it, but an iron one will also work.

You now have access to the resource 'Obsidian'. This is a VERY useful resource due to it being the strongest naturally placeable block in the game. You can also make a nether portal, but you will need a flint and steel. The Nether is the 'Hell' of Minecraft, a lava-filled, glowing red and dim place. To get there, you need to make 4 obsidian blocks parallel to each other on the ground. On the outer 2 blocks, place 4 more blocks on them. Then connect it at the top. You should now have a 4x5 rectangle with a hollow 2x3 inside, all 1 block thick. You can now use a flint and steel on the inside and enter the nether! Please note it is advised you watch a video of doing this on YouTube, as it is very hard to explain in text!

In the Nether, it is a completely different world. All of the blocks are different, with the exceptions of lava, gravel, and air. Netherrack is a very useful resource, as well as glowstone. There is so much in the Nether that is unique; you will just have to see for yourself!

Experienced Players

Fire Lightning is a very useful technique. It requires Netherrack, flint and steel, and usually glass. Go in a Nether Portal and get some Netherrack. Come back to the main world, place it, and then light it with your flint and steel. You can surround it by glass or glass panes to give a nice effect. Lava also looks nice accompanying it.

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