Be Effective In Minecraft PvP

Be Effective In Minecraft PvP

You can be effective in Minecraft PvP server, if you want to live and get tons of loot, follow the simple steps below

Find a good Minecraft Player Versus Player server.

Prepare yourself. This means looking at the arena, and your opponents.

Get some weapons; this can change depending on your play style. This could mean tnt or flint and steel, or a bow and arrow, or a sword.

Find an opponent. Make sure they are not an admin, have better things than you, or just plain scary.

Download a camouflage skin so you can blend in with the arena.

Actual Fight

Take off all of your armor to make yourself look weak and defenceless.

As the enemy charges towards you, put on your armor and dive out of the way.


You probably won't get your items back if you leave, so watch out against who you're playing with.

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