Be A Good Surfer In Counter Strike

Be A Good Surfer In Counter Strike

You want make big jumps in the surfing maps, and really go fast; you had to know about surfing first. Follow the simple below to become a good surfer

Be vigilant about what you are surfing on, and what's coming up in front of you.

Look straight in front of you while surfing, and not up, and especially not down (unless the ramp is going down), otherwise you will just fall off and die, or go to the jail.

  • If there is a big jump in front of you, at the last second, move up the ramp and look up then look back at the next ramp.
  • When landing onto a ramp, make sure you don't miss, or hit the point in the middle, otherwise you will die.
  • Also when you land on a ramp make sure you are facing the direction that the ramp is moving in, not backwards surfing.

Make sure that you are pressing the right buttons, and not back, or forwards, for these keys do not help you. If you press crouch by accident, you are SURE to fall.

If you have enough speed, and there is a turning ramp coming up, completely avoid it, but ONLY if you have enough speed.

  • If you are in a map where there are ramps directly below you, try to land on them (unless it is a map where as you fall, you go to the jail).

If a Scout is given, do NOT switch to knife before doing any acrobatics. You actually go FASTER with a Scout. You go 4% faster. With knife you go 250 units/sec but with Scout, 260 units/sec.

  • If you are stuck, or have slowed to a stop, move to the direction of where there is a surface to get on top of the ramp, and then move to the beginning of the ramp to start over.


  • Don't give up if you can't get these skills digested at first, try, and try again until you are a master surfer.
  • When looking for a server to surf in, look for a server that says 'noblock' or 'no block', for when someone where to block you, you don't stop moving.
  • Spawn-killers, for they will kill you every time you respawn, which will make it harder to surf, or even get on the surf itself.

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