Apple Applies Patent For Fuel Cell System That Could Power A MacBook For Days Or Even Weeks

Apple Fuel Cell Patent
Apple Fuel Cell Patent

Today, the U.S. Patent Office has published a patent application from Apple, which is a design for a fuel cell system that can power a MacBook “for days or even weeks”.

Interestingly, this particular patent is similar to the . This technology can power an iPhone 6 for up to a week on just a single charge. You can read about it .

While the patent refers only to a “portable computing device”, both the text and diagrams specifically uses the name MagSafe adapter, which is used in MacBooks. We believe that the patent can be extended to other devices also.

There is, of course, like the Hydrogen fuel cell battery from Intelligent Energy, the fuel cell systems requires you to refill the fuel once it is exhausted. The patent addresses this by referencing removable cartridges. Apple is keeping its options open on the fuel used in the system.

The fuel source comprises at least one of: sodium borohydride and water; sodium silicate and water; lithium hydride and water; magnesium hydride and water; lithium borohydride and water; lithium aluminum hydride and water; aluminum hydride; an amine borane complex; a hydrocarbon; lithium aluminum hydride; magnesium borohydride; a magnesium borohydride-amine complex; compressed hydrogen gas; and liquid hydrogen.

It is believed that Apple will use the fuel cell system in conjunction with a standard battery. So you will be using and charging your MacBooks as you always do. The fuel cell system will only be used in scenarios where you need to keep the portable device running after the main rechargeable battery empties.

Apple Fuel Cell Design Images

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